LIPAD PH Program Takes Flight: Charting the Course for Smart and Creative Communities in the Philippines

April 2024

More than advancements in infrastructure and urban development, a nation’s real progress is measured by the quality of life of its citizens.

 A Vision for Progress and Innovation

As we Filipinos aspire to achieve a “Matatag, Maginhawa, at Panatag na buhay” by 2040, we each have a role in the development of our communities. In this pursuit of a resilient and prosperous nation, the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) Center for Strategic Futures (CSF) launched the Linking Innovation Partners for Accelerated Development in the Philippines (LIPAD PH) Program. This ingenious initiative aims to unite diverse sectors in a collaborative effort to build smart and creative communities across the country. 

According to ISO 37122, a city or community is smart when it increases the pace at which it provides social, economic, and environmental sustainability outcomes and responds to challenges (e.g. climate change, rapid population growth, and political and economic instability) by fundamentally improving how it engages society. It further applies collaborative leadership methods, works across disciplines and city systems, and uses data information and modern technologies to deliver better services and quality of life to those within it, without the unfair disadvantage of others or degradation of the natural environment.  (International Organization for Standardization. (2019). ISO 37122:2019 Sustainable development in communities -- Indicators for Smart Cities [PDF document]. Retrieved from the Development Academy of the Philippines) 

DAP-CSF’s LIPAD PH Program is strategically designed to instigate transformation at the grassroots level, leveraging the authority and influence of Local Government Units (LGUs) to catalyze positive change in society. By empowering LGUs to take the lead in driving innovation and progress within their communities, LIPAD PH aims to foster a bottom-up approach that ensures sustainable development and inclusive growth across the nation. 

Unifying Roles for Diversity in Unity 

The LIPAD PH Program recognizes the significant role of different sectors in driving progress. 

Underscoring the interconnectedness of individual actions within a societal ecosystem, LIPAD PH Program accentuates the need for collective efforts. By working together, hurdles and gaps can be effectively addressed, propelling the nation faster towards its smart, creative, and sustainable goals. 

Major Components of LIPAD PH

Smart City Assessment 

To measure the smartness level of cities, the Development Academy of the Philippines developed the Smart City Hexagon Tool. Aligned with international standards (PNS ISO 37120 and PNS ISO 37122) and Sustainable Development Goals, this tool evaluates cities across six smart city domains (governance, economy, people, living, mobility, and environment), providing a comprehensive overview to guide strategic policy and decision-making. 

Foresight Activity 

To aid LGUs in formulating their Smart City Roadmaps, a Foresight Activity is conducted to scan the future contextual environment and explore gaps and opportunities in the next 15-20 years. 

Smart City Solutions Ideation 

Using insights from the assessment and foresight activity, challenges are given to the community to generate ideas, prototypes, and solutions to address the needs of the LGU. This phase conducts several forms of ideation activities involving different stakeholders to encourage diversity of ideas, which includes the following: 

  1. Design Sprint 
  2. Technology Matching 
  3. Start Hackathon and Solutions Incubation Program 
  4. Citizen Sourcing and Private Partner Pledging 

Smart City Roadmap Development 

Central to uniting innovation actors is the creation of Smart City Roadmaps. These blueprints outline milestones for Local Government Units and stakeholders over the next 10-15 years, incorporating the inputs from the foresight activities, solutions ideation activities, and data-based development processes. 

Smart and Creative Communities Network 

Ensuring the sustainability of smart city initiatives, the network fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing among diverse smart city key players. This collaborative platform engages national and local governments, businesses, knowledge institutions, start-ups, and citizens in creating vibrant and sustainable communities. 

Empowering Transformation 

As a collaborative force, LIPAD PH envisions a future where communities become smart, sustainable, and creative. Aligned with the vision of the Development Academy of the Philippines' Center for Strategic Futures (DAP-CSF), the program aspires to establish LIPAD PH as the benchmark framework for building smart and sustainable communities. By rising above challenges and harnessing collective strengths, the program aims to empower the Filipinos to soar to new heights, creating a brighter and more prosperous future for the Philippines. 

Join us on this journey of transformation, as LIPAD PH spearheads the charge towards a future marked by innovation, inclusivity, and prosperity for all. 

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