Center for Excellence for Data Science and Analytics (CEDSA) Program

The program seeks to promote and strengthen the use of data and technology in the government in order to help officials and personnel to perform their mandates more effectively. It also seeks to improve the delivery of public services to the Filipino people, and the overall performance of the government through (1) data intelligence that supports policymaking and planning; (2) smart tools that catalyze digital transformation, lessening operational costs and increasing organizational productivity; and (3) capacitating both the public and private workforce to become DSA practitioners.

DSA Capacity-Building Program for DAP

Building upon the success of the TFC Bootcamp and DSA 101 training, the Data and Artificial Intelligence Lab (DAIL) is conducting a more robust capability-building program titled "Towards a Data-Agile DAP: A Capability Building Program in Data Science & Analytics." This program will equip the DAP workforce with advanced skills and knowledge in DSA, which is a prime strategy in transforming DAP into a data-agile organization.

Technical Assistance and Solutions Development

In helping the public and private sector to develop their expertise in data-driven decision-making, optimizing their operations, and performing their mandates, the DAIL is developing several technical assistance and solutions, which include:

Data Observatory Philippine (DOPh)

In pursuit of this objective, the DAIL is developing a data platform that enables high-level data sharing among public and private sectors and data reuse for enhancing public policy and planning and driving innovation. This platform will streamline three processess: (1) ensuring the flow of data and simplifying its access for decision-makers and the public policy and the public, (2) rapidly transforming them into intelligence and actionable insights as a guide to public policy and planning, and (3) supporting the exploration of and experimentation with data for spurring innovation

Services Offered

1. Training-Fellowship-Capstone or TFC Bootcamp for Data Science and Analytics,an eight-month free certification training for government employees seeking to become data practitioners

2. DSA 101: Introduction to Data Science and Analytics, a 16-hour introductory course in data science and analytics offered to the project and technical staff within the government.

3. Customized Training Programs on Data Science and Analytics (DSA)
Customized training designs for the various needs of its clientele integrating data science and analytics, and artificial intelligence

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