The Linking Innovation Partners towards Accelerated Development in the Philippines (LIPAD PH) Program primarily aims to facilitate smart growth and development in cities across the Philippines by formulating a roadmap that will set forth the local development agenda of cities anchored on established Smart City indicators and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program addresses the pain points faced by local governments, empowering them with support, fostering innovation, and promoting better data practices. Through this program, the DAP aims to enable innovators to create robust innovation ecosystems, assist local governments in solving societal problems, and establish itself as a Center of Excellence on Innovation.

Spearheaded by the DAP's Center for Strategic Futures, the program aims to create a conducive environment for innovation, and build an innovative culture in the Philippines.

For Local Governments

LIPAD PH aims to empower local governments to solve their societal problems by building their capacities towards becoming Smart and Creative Communities, and through the establishment of their own innovation units.

Smart City Assessment and Roadmap Development

The Smart and Creative Communities Program aims to assist LGUs towards smart growth and development by conducting assessments and foresight workshops, and formulation of roadmaps that are anchored on established indicators and SDGs.
Santa Rosa, Laguna
Malolos City, Bulacan

Pioneering Innovative Solutions towards Local Government Transformation (PILOT)

Local Governments which are interested to co-create a solution to a societal problem will undergo the PILOT program which includes a Design Thinking workshop to help them understand the nature of the problem and help them formulate an Innovation Challenge. Participating LGUs will be co-creating the solution with the LIP Innovators.
PILOT Application FormList of Successful PILOT Projects

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The CSF consists of interconnected labs that will be the source of many of the futures center frameworks for action. The purpose of instituting these labs is to incubate and establish its processes, eventually transforming them into centers of their own.
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