The Center for Strategic Futures reinforces the Academy’s commitment to think strategically about the future by supporting its current initiatives on:


1. Monitoring changes and emerging trends, and investigating future perspectives;

2. Building agile public service to manage complex and very dynamic environments;

3. Leading the prototyping of futures-proof products, ideas, and policy options;

4. Promoting team-based activities primarily on co-created projects with clients to prepare them for future challenges, and lastly,

5. Establishing a network and sharing knowledge and best practices.


CSF adds to the roster of programs and projects of the Academy to strengthen institutional capacities and readiness of National Government Agencies and Local Government Units with regard to the development and implementation of their programs and services. It seeks to support and complement the efforts of the government agencies and LGUs in (a) creating smart and innovative ways in responding to development challenges, (b) adopting a foresight approach in development planning, and (c) improving data analytics capability across various sectors.


CSF focuses on interventions that are related to data science and analytics, technology and innovation, smart city initiatives, digital transformation, futures thinking, and sustainable development goals. These key areas are viewed as critical components of the future organizational management and governance.

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The CSF consists of interconnected labs that will be the source of many of the futures center frameworks for action. The purpose of instituting these labs is to incubate and establish its processes, eventually transforming them into centers of their own.
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